Galore Soap Sample Pack

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Galore Soap Sample Pack

Not sure which soaps to buy? Try them first!!! You will receive a sample pack with 6 soaps.

Options- Yoni: Intense, Yoni: Intimate, Yoni: InLove, Turmeric Aloe Charcoal, Lemon Charcoal Detox, Fruit Punch Moisture Bar, Honey Oat Moisture Bar, Dreamy Lavender Coconut Bar, Tropical Papaya Aloe Bar, Fineapple Pineapple, Banana Laffy Taffy, Melon Sorbet, Sugar Fix (Cotton Candy).

The samples are randomly selected or you can leave choices in the notes box.

Use daily as needed. After uses, allow soap to dry do not let sit in standing water.

Bar Size: 1oz-1.5oz

Ingredients: Variety

Shelf Life: 1 Year (Keep Unused Soap in Wax or Parchment Paper)